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All Organic ISUN skincare
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Neolifting - NATURAL FACELIFT New Service!
90 Minutes - $175
Package of 4 -$150 each
Elevating from the inside out
A non-invasive manual aesthetics of the face which includes breath work to calm the nervous system, and manual lymphatic drainage of the face and scalp. Offering deep relaxation of the facial muscles with manual face sculpting and modeling to detoxify and improve skin quality. Provides a therapeutic light osteopathic effect and improved facial posture.
Complete with an intraoral (buccal) technique.
A mind and body experience of deep relaxation and release
Please take a look at the About Neolifting page for more information.
Glow on the Go! - MINI FACIAL
60 Minutes - $125 
This facial is perfect if you are tight on time and want to receive a refreshing cleanse and exfoliation to rejuvenate your skin for a healthy glow!
90 Minutes - $145
This facial is specific to your skin and personal needs. Skin analysis is followed by a deep cleanse,  exfoliation, steam, extractions, mask, serum, and moisturizer, followed by a gentle facial massage. Arms, hands, and décolleté area are treated to a soothing, aromatic moisture treatment to complete the facial. The Custom facial is very cleansing and stimulating, bringing circulation to the skin.

90 Minutes - $135

Skin Brightening Revitalizing Facial 

ISUN skin lightening-brightening botanical extracts will leave your skin feeling purified, soft, hydrated and appear brightened, fresh, and radiant. A perfect facial for sun lovers and hyperpigmentation. 

To brighten the skin!


90 Minutes - $155

 A stunning, revitalizing facial that supports repair and regeneration of tissues as it restores and transforms your skin to vitality and rejuvenating radiance. Select products are used, giving special attention to your face and décolleté area. Your skin will look plump and dewy after receiving this facial!
90 Minutes - $165

This luxurious facial melts stress away from head to toe. 

The Deluxe begins with a foot and lower leg herbal salt scrub and moisture treatment. Continue further with the Ultimate Facial which includes a double cleanse, exfoliation, steam, extractions, mask, toner, and harmonizing serums. A rich, moisturizing facial massage completes the experience.

Hands and arms receive a Deluxe moisture treatment... Its a deluxe experience!

Relax · Release · Receive

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